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Max Suites is part of Max Property Group. Max Suites rents furnished properties with a hotel look and feel for temporary periods from 3 months to a maximum of 24 months.

Note: many accommodations can be rented for a maximum of 12 months. Do you still want to extend the rental period?

Then you can move into another comparable accommodation free of any charge.

The residences that Max Suites offers are diverse and verify from apartments to studios and (student) rooms.

Each object is fully furnished and stylishly furnished with the luxurious feeling of a hotel room.

Some rooms are not totally furnished, for further details we refer you to the object information at the accommodation.

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€ 725 per maand

Lange Hilleweg

€ 420 per maand


€ 795 per maand


€ 625 per maand


€ 450 per maand


€ 595 per maand


€ 595 per maand


€ 550 per maand

Katendrechtse Lagedijk

€ 595 per maand

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